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Ping is a 2D top-down racing game. Players and artificial intelligence control circular pucks by rotating them and firing them in the direction they're facing. This control scheme leads to the pucks hitting off each other and the wall of the tracks making half the challenge maintaining control of your puck.

In this demo we're featuring two simple tracks and standard AI.

We would greatly appreciate it if you'd take time to fill out our feedback form. If you supply a name it'll be added to the credits of the released game as a thank you for your time.

Keyboard Controls

Propulsion: W / I / Up Arrow / NumPad 8
Rotate Anticlockwise: A / J / Left Arrow / NumPad 4
Rotate Clockwise: D / L / Right Arrow / Numpad 6

XBOX 360 Controller Controls

Propulsion: A
Rotate Aniclockwise: Left Bumper / Left Analog Stick Left / D-Pad Left
Rotate Clockwise: Right Bumper / Left Analog Stick Right / D-Pad Right

GenreAction, Racing
Tags2D, Arcade, Controller, Local multiplayer, Neon
InputsGamepad (any)
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer